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While we don’t have a physical meeting site, we do offer flexibility via the internet. You can join us for a meeting anytime, day or night and connect to Rotary, virtually. While we are an E-Club, we do have real members, engaging in real project all around the globe. Consider what you can do to make the world a better place today!

If you are a visiting Rotarian or just feel completed to help, please consider making a charitable gift. Your support goes directly to our projects and helps both local and international communities grow. Thank you, in advance, for your generosity.

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12 thoughts on “Welcome to Our Club

      1. Hello Aaron, my name is Nallheli and I’m from the Rotary Club of Regatas Tampico in district 4130, Mexico. I’m kinda new in rotary so I’m still getting to know all the wonderful a ways to help and to participate with other partners and meetings. As recently I got the PR in the club I’m also interested in got all the info straigh for me to share and to involve the others in all kind of activities. So I basically need the info of how your e-club works! I read the guide and says that I can make up a visit with you guys, but I also read that as any other rotary club, you need an invitation so I’m getting a bit confuse there. Could you explain to me how the process works to attend to one of your virtual meetings and what do a Rotarian needs to do to make up a visit or to join your e club is he is more interested in the flexibility that you can gave them?

        Nallheli Alcaraz Bringas rotariosregatastampico@gmail.com


  1. Hi Nallheli, You can click the links to attend a meeting and see all of our weekly topics. If you need an email sent to your club secretary. you can add their email and it will be automatically sent when you complete the form. Thank you again for visiting our club and I believe this weeks meeting has information on our Project in Guaymas, Sonora with clubs in district 4100. We welcome your input and engagement in the project as well. Have a wonderful day.

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    1. Thank you so much Aaron, I read the articles from december, even I get to know why we said “merry” lol, never knew what it meant. And i already download the presentation about the music conservatory in Guaymas, (Amazing pictures about how is going to be, and great construction progress) but still don’t know how this works. The email to the club secretary is for what? To know that i paid an attendance? I only pay the attendance by reading your articles? Is really that easy? Obviously I want to make an article about the E-Clubs for my own club so im really interested in learn as much as i can! Thank you very much for your help and time!!!


  2. Well I’m not sure if I had my make up visit, since the secretary of my club was never notified, but is interesting to know about your club and all the great things that you are doing to serve others!!!

    I want to know about how you organize the RYLA since we are going to do ours on March!


  3. Hi eRotary of Arizona! My name is Kaley, I am involved heavily involved in youth services for District 5490, and after attending RYLA this year, a group of friends and I had the idea to start an eRotaract club for AZ. I would love your insight on how you create your meetings, host, coordinate service projects, etc. you can contact me at kaley.g@hotmail.com if its easier.


  4. Please join me for lunch with the First Lady of Kenya next Friday, March 18th at the J.W. Marriott Camelback Inn in Scottsdale, Arizona. The guest of honor will be the First Lady of the Republic of Kenya, Her Excellency Margaret Kenyatta.

    I have already purchased a table so your lunch is paid for, but you will have the opportunity witness first hand what project cure is doing in the world and I will encourage you to consider all of the things you can do to help Project Cure Deliver Health, Hope and Healing around the world.

    Please register today as space is limited.


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