The Hidden Reason for Poverty – Gary Haugen

Rotary has battled poverty since 1903. In the last few decades we have made amazing progress to rid the world of strife, but for some reason we continue to fail to eradicate it. Is is a Cultural barrier that we are unable to overcome? Have we failed to build equity in the solution? Rotary holds some of the answers to these problems, but it will take the action of individuals to achieve this topic goal. If you can dream of a world that extends respect to all, then you might just be the person we need to finally solve this equation.

Here is a thought provoking TED talk from Gary Haugen. Please use discretion, as this talk may contain graphic descriptions intended for an adult audience. FACT: There are more than 35 million people that are classified as enslaved. Dialing 911 can not help them, they are victims of circumstance. We must find a better way to protect everyone.

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