Understanding the Irrational Enemy & Our Prayers for Peace

Our hearts and thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by the senseless attacks in France this past week. Regardless of the twisted, irrational reason someone may have had to cause this travesty, there is no excuse worthy of our time. What we must do, is rally against this tyranny and rid these extremists from our planet.

The first step is identifying who doesn’t belong. Be vigilant in your spheres of connections to identify anomalies. Report to authorities faster than you would normally and if we tighten our networks, we may be able to choke out the hatred that these illogical extremists harbor.

In today’s program, Professor Elaine Glenn details the history of ISIS, its current state, and the challenges facing them.

May we all continue to work towards peace in our world.


Author: Aaron Fritz

Joined Rotary in 1999. Past President of the Highlands Ranch Rotary Club, Charter Member of the Rotary Club of Castle Pines, Past President of the Rotary eClub of Arizona, and current Assistant Governor for District 5490. Multiple Paul Harris Fellow. 2nd Generation Rotarian.

4 thoughts on “Understanding the Irrational Enemy & Our Prayers for Peace”

  1. Interesting article and video. Being vigilant about safety around us is the key. Working in a luxury retail environment it’s understandable that coworkers and I see situations routinely occur that raise our guard. Now I’m often keeping my head on a swivel wherever I go simply because of national and world events.


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