What is an E-club?

E-Clubs are time-efficient, typically more affordable and extremely flexible. Membership is not limited to a local area. For example, the E-Club of Arizona has had members from all over the world including Mexico, France, Minnesota, Arizona, California to name a few. Joining our E-Club is a fun way to immediately connect with those Club members who live in faraway areas in different countries, with different cultures, who share your passion for doing good.

By joining an E-Club, you can attend your weekly Rotary meeting on any day, and at any time of your choice. We Publish our meetings on Monday by noon and you just need internet access to the web. Some members brows on their phones while commuting on public transportation… (The Four Way Test suggests reading the internet and driving isn’t fair to other drivers around you!)

Another good reason to join an E-Club is: You’ll make immediate and valuable connections with community leaders around the world, in places with big challenges.

As a member of an E-Club, you will network with other professionals, use your current skills and learn new ones. Mentorship is one of the greatest benefits of Rotary s you will interact with people like Bill Gates, and leaders around the globe. You can choose your degree of involvement in creating projects or in helping run your Club. You can even learn new skills, such as public relations, social media, or fundraising. You’ll spend time at your computer or smartphone connected with new friends and community movers and shakers, worldwide.

But wait you say, in an E-Club I won’t have the face-to-face social contacts with other Rotarians that I would have in a traditional Club. The E-Club of Arizona answers that by encouraging its members to visit Clubs near their home or work and offer our club as a convenient make-up option for their members. It’s also a great way to help your local community by volunteering for their clubs events and community projects. So, E-Clubs have several advantages. For example, if a potential member travels too frequently to regularly attend local meetings, an E-Club is best. And, if a member has restricted mobility, an E-Club can also help accommodate them be providing a way to stay connected to the greatest service organization of all time.

And, if you think that we Rotarians are just a small group of dreamers, just take a look at these numbers: Rotary already has over 1.2 million members in more than 34,000 Clubs worldwide. And, if you travel in other countries, you will find local Clubs where you can attend a meeting and be welcomed as a friend. Rotary has the motto, Service Above Self, and we strive to apply that principle to make this world a better place.

Participation is expected. Rotary believes that success in service work occurs only when members participate frequently. So, you will be encouraged to attend as many meetings as possible. Many members pride themselves in their many years of “perfect attendance,” meaning that they have missed no meetings. However, that is not a requirement; and, missed meetings can be “made up” in several easy ways including participating in service projects.

Payment of dues is expected. Our Dues are billed quarterly. For 2016-17 year the dues will be $75 per quarter with an additional $25 donation to the Rotary International Foundation strongly encouraged. You see Rotary has the greatest fundraising of any other service club. Contributions to the Annual fund at the Foundation are invested and interest earned form those investments helps offset the cost for our staff. After three years, the entire principle of the gift is returned so that we can use this funds in our communities, districts and around the world. It’s simply the finest foundation model in the world. No wonder Bill Gates and the Gates Foundation are offering a 2 to 1 match on funds contributed to eradicate Polio. They know Rotarians believe in making the world a better place. Join us and help be a part of the greatest accomplishment ever!

Participation in your choice of a service area is also important. For example, service work can be in international or local projects. Service may be for youths, education, polio elimination, fundraising, or in Club Service where the member supports the Club in a role such as Treasurer, Secretary, Webmaster, or Newsletter Editor, for example. By the way, Rotary does not require unusual hats, mysterious induction ceremonies, nor secret handshakes. Rotarians simply do service work and have fun together!

Rotary is neither a religious nor a political organization. Rotary is all inclusive. Members are of all political persuasions, and of many different religions. We work smoothly together because we respect our differences. Rotarians pull together in their service work because of their common interest in improving conditions in this difficult world.

Rotary was formed in Chicago, Illinois, USA in 1905 by four business men (Credit for the concept was given to Paul Harris). They “rotated” their weekly meetings between their offices, and Rotary was thus named. They also decided that Chicago needed public restrooms to help prevent disease and disgust so the first service project was born out of necessity, you could say.

The Family of Rotary means that you could invite your partner, your children, your friends, or acquaintances to experience true philanthropy through service projects, fundraising and other events. Rotary offers opportunities for all ages, including exchanges that give young and old alike the chance to explore new cultures. Of course, Rotarians have their immediate families, but Rotary expands that idea … and in the broadest sense, the Family of Rotary includes the downtrodden, poor, sick, hungry, and homeless worldwide. Rotary cares. We care about all of those families and their children. This is a difficult world; yet, it is full of promise and potential. It is that promise and potential which Rotary strives to uncover and fulfill.

After all this, you have lots of information with which to make a decision. So come on and join Rotary, either joining a local land-based Club, or join the Rotary E-Club of Arizona with all the advantages that our International Club can offer to you! In either case, you will feel proud to become a member of a Rotary Club that`s part of the world’s oldest service organization. Of course, we hope that you will decide that an E-Club is best for your circumstances. In that case, join and feel the pride of being part of the greatest effort ever, too eradicate Polio from the planet. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Joining a Traditional Club

Step One: Find a Club Near Your Home or Work

The Rotary Club Finder allows you to city, address, or zip code to find the nearest traditional rotary clubs to that location. You can set a distance range from 1 kilometer to 500 miles.

Step Two: Visit Some Clubs

You may want to visit several club before you select one. Each club has it’s own personality, with different projects, programs and fundraisers.

Step Three: Join!

Once you’ve found a club that matches your interest and styles, approach the President or Sergeant at Arms about their membership process. It can vary a little from one club to the next.

Joining our E-Club

Simply fill out this application and email it into us.

Author: Aaron Fritz

Joined Rotary in 1999. Past President of the Highlands Ranch Rotary Club, Charter Member of the Rotary Club of Castle Pines, Past President of the Rotary eClub of Arizona, Past Assistant Governor for District 5490 and Assistant Governor for District 5495. Multiple Paul Harris Fellow (3 currently). 2nd Generation Rotarian.