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Benefits Of Having An Accountability Partner

Accountability Partners

Meet my accountability partner, Todd Barth, from Florida. We’ve just signed on for another year to hold each other accountable to our 2013 goals; which is to 10X our impact, influence, and income in each of our businesses over the next 12 months. The best way to do that is by tracking our daily activity and keeping score.


We map out our week by projecting how many tasks we will complete. After we complete a task, we check the box and fill in our actual completed score. Each completed task is valued at 2 points. We tally our points and report them to our Accountability Partner DAILY. The person with the lowest score at the end of each week has to pay his/her Accountability Partner a fine of $_____. The most effective way to stay on track and be accountable to your word is to put your money where your mouth is. This separates the talkers from the doers and the dreamers from the “Dreampreneurs.”

Did You Know Having an Accountability Partner Increases Your Productivity?

One of the great benefits of having an accountability partner is that it increases your productivity and keeps you on track and in check with your goals. It is easy when left to our own devices to slack off and take detours or even quit on ourselves. There are some people who are self-starters and can hold themselves accountable to the end point. But that’s not the case with most people. Sure we all have spurts of energy and ambition and can get things done on our own merit. We can finish our action items and feel good about them. But what I’m talking about has more to do with being our personal best and really stretching ourselves, than just crossing off items on a “to do” list.

Do You Need An Accountability Partner?

  • Do you ever wish you could get more done?
  • Do you feel that you could accomplish more but don’t?
  • Do you put off things that you know you should do?
  • Do you have a goal and a plan to get there?
  • Do you self sabotage your goals by rearranging the same to do list over and over without taking action on it?
  • Do you have limiting thoughts or beliefs creep up in your head and kill any productivity that was once there?
  • Do you wish you had someone to bounce ideas off of and brainstorm?

After you have found an accountability partner, the next step is to decide what each of you want out of the partnership. Decide how often you are going to check in with each other and share your goals and strengths and weaknesses with each other and commit.

Start by writing out your goals and what you want your life to look like in 3 and 5 years time. A great idea is to separate your life into the major areas of your life like Health, Career, Finance, Personal Growth, Spiritual, Community, Recreation and Relationships. Write goals for each area.

Once you have an understanding of each other’s goal you can start by telling your accountability partner what you want to achieve for the week and away you go. At the end of the week or however often you want to report to each other you can give an update on how your week went, what were the major breakthroughs and obstacles you encountered and decide on your targets for the next week.

There is power in being able to have someone available to you as a sounding board and have your best interest at heart. Be real and be honest with each other. The growth you will experience will be amazing!

How to Choose Your Accountability Partner

  • ASK!
  • Someone who has the same or similar goals.
  • Someone you respect.
  • Someone who is in the same field or niche.
  • Someone who has the same or similar spirit or drive.
  • Someone who understands and appreciates your goals.
  • Someone who will be fair but firm.
  • Someone who can call you on your crap.

Ground Rules Accountability Partners Should Have

  1.  This needs to be a safe place to share.
  2.  Set frequency of checking in with each other.
  3.  Form a commitment and stick to it.
  4.  Follow through with action items.
  5.  Dig deep to find out why you do things they way you do.
  6.  Allow to give and take feedback.
  7.  Listen while the other person is sharing and pay attention.
  8.  Respect each other and the process.
  9.  Have each others best interest in mind.

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