E-Club of Arizona Annual Assembly

What was a Rotary e-Club meant to be and what it was not meant to be?

Let me begin with what I don’t think it was meant to be. It is my firm belief that the Trustees never intended an e-club to be just a place to hang your Rotary number when you no longer wished to be engaged. I understand that there are some of us who for health reasons can no longer actively participate, and that is OK, the club can use your moral support, but short of that you either are or you are not a Rotarian. It is possible to be a member of Rotary and not be a Rotarian.

I believe that the Trustee’s intent was for every e-Club to be a viable active club in every Rotary tradition except for it having the flexibility of its members not having to physically attend meetings. That said, I also believe that every club member should make an honest attempt to consistently attend the club’s online meetings. If a 45 minute time commitment at your personal convenience twice a month is too much to ask of a member then I think that both the club and the member should rethink the why of having or being a member!

I sincerely hope that you will have found our online meeting profile worthy of your time and that you will advise us ASAP as to your personal interests in order that we may engage you in your club’s committees and social activities.

Have a great day!


President Rotary Year 2016/2017


2016/2017 Club Officers & Committees

OFFICERS & Directors:

President-Dick Eisenach

Immediate Past President-Eric Hichman

Secretary / President Elect-Beth Sheehan

Treasurer-Aaron Fritz

Tom Wright-Director


Foundation Chairman- Tom Wright

International Outreach Chairman-Dick Eisenach/Tom Wright

Membership-All Officers & Directors

Website Meeting Manager-Aaron Fritz

Website Manager-TBD

Social Chairman-TBD


President’s Closing Remarks

I genuinely appreciate your thoughtful attention today, because I am convinced that e-clubs will be the new generation of Rotary in North America and I would like to see the Arizona Rotary E-Club create the model for all e-clubs. That said, this can not be done without a significant commitment on the part of our membership, and YOU are the membership. I know, you feel you have paid your Rotary dues and it is time to let someone else shoulder the load. Hell, I am 86 years old and have been a Rotarian for over 43 years, but I would rather make a contribution to the world I still live in then to simply take up space! Besides, I just read that being sedentary is more injurious to one’s health then is smoking. In addition to that, just getting off your butt will make you feel better.

Come on ALL, there is so much talent among you! And I really need your input.

As long as you are now setting in front of your computer screen, drop me a note, dick@eisenach.org and tell me what you would like to do. I will promise you, we can do some good in a world that really needs us right now, and we can have a lot of fun while we are doing it right from our desktops. Deal?

I look forward to hearing from you,