Where Does Your Food Come From?

Knowing where your food comes from is the basis to knowing everything about what you eat. Where was it grown or raised? Who handled it? Where did it go from there? All of these things are essential in understanding the food production process and the importance of traceability. The food production system is diverse, and without a standardized way of assessing a product’s true source of origin, tracing a product from farm to fork is nearly impossible – and inaccurate. Which is why we have Source Verification.


The Where Food Comes From Source Verified® Label

Where Food Comes From® is a unique labeling program utilizing the authenticity of third-party source verification and the accessibility of Quick Response (QR) Code technology to instantly connect you to the food you eat. Every Where Food Comes From labeled product carries a unique QR Code that is easily scanned and read by any Smart Phone, giving you immediate and unprecedented access to information about the people and processes behind your food.

Don’t have time to scan and read? No problem. If you see the Where Food Comes From label on a package, you can be sure that product comes from a verifiable source. We know them, have audited them, and can verify that their products come from where they say they do.

Learn more at http://wherefoodcomesfrom.com


Author: Aaron Fritz

Joined Rotary in 1999. Past President of the Highlands Ranch Rotary Club, Charter Member of the Rotary Club of Castle Pines, Past President of the Rotary eClub of Arizona, and current Assistant Governor for District 5490. Multiple Paul Harris Fellow. 2nd Generation Rotarian.