Districts 5490 and 5510 Merge to form Rotary District 5495

As with any organization Rotary seeks to serve it’s members in the most efficient way possible. You see in Rotary the members run the clubs which drive the districts, hone the zones and ultimately provide projects to our President. It’s one of the reasons Rotary is heralded as the best charity in the world. Just ask our members and donors.

Because of this innovative spirit two districts have decided to merge and create efficiencies to support clubs and their members. Below is the plan which has been guiding our journey and on July 1, 2017, District 5495 will be born.

Nancy Van Pelt will be the first Governor of District 5495 and brings a wealth of experience to the new district. Her commitment to Rotary is unparalleled and has served in many capacities for Rotary over the years.


The Principles and Ideals of District 5495

  • Diversity. We embrace diversity and appreciate the various perspectives and skills that enrich us and give us strength. We seek to be inclusive in all aspects of our membership, service and leadership. Our District and Clubs value and reflect our communities in age, gender, ethnicity and profession.
  • Communication. We communicate clearly, openly, frequently and honestly. We consider and utilize various ways to reach all Clubs and Members.
  • Collaboration. We fully understand how partnering strengthens the impact of our service projects, our fundraising and our reputation, within and between Clubs and Districts, and with partners in our communities.
  • Responsibility. We consider the potential effect on others before taking action. We are strengthened by active planning, both strategically and short term. Leadership at all levels is faithful in completing tasks and projects in a timely fashion.
  • Ethics. We take the Four-Way Test seriously and consciously apply it to biggest of things and to smallest of things in our personal, professional and Rotary lives. We live, work, play and serve in our communities with integrity.
  • Leadership Development. Creating and strengthening current and future leaders improves our impact and sustainability. We are committed to empowering youth and young professionals through our personal development programs.
  • Peacemaking. Our thoughts, words and actions promote peace, good will and understanding. We remain open-minded as we practice active listening, finding value in the opinions and positions of others.
  • Relationships. Strong, trusting relationships between leaders and Members anchor our Clubs and District. We spend time with other Rotarians at every opportunity by attending District training events and conferences, and visiting and supporting Clubs other than our own. This is where the magic happens. We love to celebrate the success of our Members and our Clubs.
  • Generosity. We are compassionate givers. We give freely to each other, our Clubs and our community, without expectation of reciprocity. The Rotary Foundation is a charity of choice for each of us. We are eager to contribute our expertise to solving problems and filling the needs of society.
  • Service. We are resourceful in finding ways to improve the quality of life for people in their communities and to serve the public interest. We leverage the local and global grant-making power of The Rotary Foundation.

MERGER PLAN For Rotary International Districts 5490 & 5510

This plan documents the rational and process for a successful merger of Rotary International Districts 5490 and 5510. It complements the required merger form, which is attached for reference.

1. The Proposal

The decision to propose a merger of these Districts was made as the best way to serve our Rotary Clubs for a number of reasons. Primary considerations are that Rotary International District 5510’s membership total has fallen below the Rotary International minimum (1,100) to continue as a District; Combining the Districts will provide a greater pool of Rotarians for the District Leadership roles.

The proposed merger will combine the Rotary Clubs of Rotary International Districts 5490 and 5510 into a new District effective July 1, 2017. The new district boundaries will be as follows:

USA – ARIZONA, that portion north of a line beginning at the southeastern corner of Apache County and following the boundaries of Apache and Navajo counties westward to the intersection of U.S. Highway 60; thence south along U.S. Highway 60 to Arizona Highway 79; thence south along Arizona Highway 79 to the Gila River (excluding the cities of Globe, Miami, Superior and Florence Junction); thence northwest along the Gila River to U.S. Highway 85; thence north along U.S. Highway 85 to Interstate 10; thence west along Interstate 10 to the state border); and CALIFORNIA, only that portion of the county of San Bernardino south of latitude 35o and east of longitude 115o, and the city of Laughlin, NEVADA, to include the area in Nevada bounded by the Colorado River to the East, extending west to US HWY 95; and Nevada State highway 163 to the north, extending south to US Interstate 40.

2. Goals

During the months preceding the targeted merger date of July 1, 2017, leadership and members from both Districts will work together to:

  •   Create a new District Culture (See attached Statement of Cultural Values)
  •   Establish and document a new District Governance model and structure
  •   Integrate the existing District programs
  •   Identify and implement ways to enhance the efficiency, the effectiveness, and the output of each District Program
  •   Identify and select Rotarians to lead each program beginning in 2017-18
  •   Communicate with all Clubs and their members throughout the merger process.
  •   Strengthen existing relationships and programs with District 5500 for the benefit of Rotary in Arizona

3. Structure

A Steering Committee shall be established, consisting of the District Governor Nominee, a Past District Governor and the appointed Merger Advisor from each district along with a Young Professional Rotarian. This committee will:

  •   Set expectations for the culture of the new District with input from the Clubs and past district leaders.
  •   Oversee and direct the implementation of this plan with the concurrence of the sitting District Governors
  •   Maintain and ensure adherence to the merger timeline.
  •   Establish Task Groups to assess and merge each existing program/function. Each task group will have a co-chair from each current district and will include two current or recent leaders of the particular function or program area and a Young Professional Rotarian should be included on each task group
  •   Select Co-chairs for each separate Task Group and coordinate their planning efforts to ensure a cohesive product that adheres to the District’s Cultural Expectations.

 Each 

 

  

task group will:

Assess the current status of the individual functional areas or programs

Ensure Cultural Values are an integral part of the Task Group process. Identify goals for combining and improving the programs

Draft a detailed plan to successfully accomplish the goals
Obtain the concurrence of other appropriate task groups for the draft plan
Provide the Steering Committee with a final plan including implementation steps, job descriptions and a timeline
Implement the approved plan.

4. Task Group Areas

A task group will be created for each of the following functions and programs:

  •   District Governance, Bylaws and Procedures
  •   Public Image, Communications and Website
  •   Financial (Finance Committee)
  •   Nominating Committee
  •   District Rotary Foundation Committee
  •   Membership and Extension
  •   Emerging Leaders
  •   Youth Programs

     Youth Exchange  Interact
     RYLA
     Rotaract

 New Generation Exchanges

 Data Management  Training

5. Membership Plan

Club Membership and Extension remains a top priority for the current Districts 5510 and 5490 and an area of continued focus during the merger. The Membership and Extension Task Group will develop a specific District Membership Plan that spans the 2016-17 transition year as well as the first two years of the newly merged District utilizing the work already completed in the consolidated Arizona Rotary membership plan.

6. Communications

The Public Image, Communications and Website Task Group will create and maintain a website for the District with a community bulletin board where meetings and progress notes will be regularly posted. The website and bulletin board will be monitored daily so that any posted question or request will be expeditiously answered.

7. Training

Training and Development for all leaders and members in the newly merged District is a priority and is critical to the success of the District.

  •   The current District Trainers will establish a District Training Team, which may include Club and Area Trainers.
  •   The District Training Team will develop a general District Training Plan to build skills and capabilities within the membership and leadership.
  •   The general District Training Plan will be augmented and completed as Task Groups produce job descriptions, identify needs and make recommendations.

    Training efforts will generally fall into 3 categories, based on their source:

  •   Arizona Rotary Statewide Training– currently being developed, includes sharing of resources, utilizing technology, and distance delivery
  •   Arizona Rotary Statewide Leadership Training– already in place, such as PETS, DOTS, Rotary Leadership Academy and Rotary Leadership Institute
  •   District-specific Training—to be developed to support needs and goals identified by District leaders and Task Groups during the coming year. It will include club and committee-level training on the new and revised systems and structures.

    8. Timeline

    The attached Timeline will be maintained by the Steering Committee. Adherence to this Timeline is essential for the smooth transition into the new District. Any necessary adjustments to the Timeline will be immediately communicated to all concerned.

9. Resources

The merging Districts will identify and utilize all resources, both existing and new, offered by Rotary International, Zone 25-26 and our clubs and members.

Author: Aaron Fritz

Joined Rotary in 1999. Past President of the Highlands Ranch Rotary Club, Charter Member of the Rotary Club of Castle Pines, Past President of the Rotary eClub of Arizona, Past Assistant Governor for District 5490 and Assistant Governor for District 5495. Multiple Paul Harris Fellow (3 currently). 2nd Generation Rotarian.