District 5495 New Generations Service Exchange

The Rotary New Generations Service Exchange (NGSE) is a short term (one to six months) cultural and professional exchange for college students and young professions 18 to 30 years old. The NGSE is similar to the Group Study Exchange, but the NGSE Applicants pay for their own round trip travel expenses, visa (if necessary) and medical and liability insurance.

An Outbound NGSE Applicant needs a Sponsoring Rotary District and Club to sign their application and a Hosting Rotary District and Club in another country to sign their Guarantee Form.

The Hosting Rotary District and Club provide the Applicant with host housing, food, transportation, and cultural and professional experiences in the profession the Applicant is studying or starting to practice.

District 5490 (now 5495) has been doing NGS Exchanges since 2009. The District has hosted Applicants from Brazil, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Russia and Taiwan.

Our District hosted Marie Petit, a 19 year old young lady and a law student from District 1760, in France, where Lori Howard is now a member. Marie was hosted by the Phoenix 100 and E-Club of Arizona from May 8th to June 8th, 2017.

Our District and the E-Club of Arizona is hosting a NGSE young professional, Perrine Faucon, a 23 year old art and textile student from District 1760 in France. Perrine arrived in Phoenix in July, 2017, and will depart August 15, 2017. Perrine is hosted by E-Club of Arizona member Sheila Breen.

District 5495 has received a NGSE Application from:

  1. District 3520 in Taiwan, for a young lady, named Wu Wen Yi (also called Anita), who is 21 years old and is a student in a university in Japan. She is interested in marketing as her profession. Wen-Yi is being hosted by the Frontier Rotary Club in Prescott. She will arrive on August 2nd, 2017 and be in District 5495 until the second week of September, 2017.
  2. District 3030 in India, for a young lady, named Ishika Saraf, who is 22 years old and has her own baking company in her home town in India. Ishika wants to have professional experiences in cake making and decorating.

Ishika is being hosted by the E-Club of Arizona in Prescott Valley. She will arrive the first week of September, and depart the second week of October, 2017.

  1. District 1850 in Germany for a young man, Bjarne Karnebogen, who is 24 years old and studying business and technology at a university in Germany. Bjarne would like to be hosted in District 5495 for six week in February and March, 2018. He would like to have some professional experience in electrical engineering. He needs a hosting Rotary Club.

District 5495 has one Outbound NGSE young professional,

Leili Davis, who is 21 years old and a student at Embry Riddle University, in Prescott. Leili is sponsored by the Frontier Rotary Club, in Prescott, and being hosted by District 3520 in Taiwan. She started her exchange in July and will end the exchange on August 3rd, 2017.

We are always looking for host Rotary Clubs, families and professional and cultural experiences for NGSE young professionals. The District is also interested in having clubs support promising Outbound young professionals.

If you would like more information on Rotary District 5495’s New Generations Service Exchange, please contact Joe Waesche, District 5495 NGSE Co-Chair, at 928-925-5068 or at joelaw8197@gmail.com for additional information and/or to help in this very rewarding program.

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New Generations Service Exchange is a short-term, customizable program for university students and young professionals up to age 30.

Participants can design exchanges that combine their professional goals with a humanitarian project.

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What are the benefits?

  • Make connections with service-minded community leaders in another country
  • Learn another language
  • Build your professional skills and gain international experience
  • Travel and explore a new culture while giving back through service

What is an exchange like?

With your host Rotary district, you’ll plan activities that can include networking, relationship building, humanitarian service, professional development, and leadership training. Exchanges:

  • Last from a few weeks to six months
  • Can be arranged for individuals or groups
  • Need not be reciprocal

How much does it cost?

Costs vary by Rotary club or district. To reduce expenses, Rotary members often provide homestay options, arrange no-cost internship or job-shadowing programs, and offer other financial assistance.

Contact your local Rotary club to find out what it costs to participate in a New Generations Service Exchange.

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How do I apply?

University students and professionals up to age 30 — including current and former Rotaractors and former Interactors, Rotary Youth Leadership Award

s participants, and Youth Exchange students — are encouraged to apply. You don’t have to be a member of Rotary to participate in an exchange.

Although each Rotary club determines its own eligibility criteria, all participants should demonstrate a strong commitment to service and the ideals of Rotary. Contact your local Rotary club to see what exchange opportunities are available and what the application process involves.

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Can I host a New Generations Service Exchange participant?

Hosting a New Generations Service Exchange participant brings an international experience directly into your home and can be incredibly rewarding. Host families provide room and board and share their lives with exchange participants, involving them in family, community, professional, and cultural activities. Contact your local Rotary club to see how you can become a host family.

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  • “The same emotions I felt for my family in the U.S. I felt for my family in Brazil.
  • Yes, we were culturally different. But there was so much in common.” Todd Jenkins spent three months in Brazil learning how Brazilian university administrators work with students while pursuing his doctorate.
  • “When we travel, this amazing thing happens. We let down our guard. You’re constantly exposed to new experiences and new people. I’m so grateful for Rotary for allowing me to experience that.” Tara Higgins spent eight weeks in Ireland visiting a number of classrooms to improve her skills as a teacher.
  • “The experience was beyond what I could have ever hoped for: Not only was the breadth of work experience completely unexpected, the hospitality I experienced was second to none.” James Kolasinski spent a month in Texas, USA, as a medical student in order to better understand international health care systems.

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